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Friern Barnet Community Library

He had been creating it in the run up to his brother’s birthday, fitting it around homework, football, cubs, school, and all that pesky stuff that gets in the way of Minecraft! What a guy.

Wanna hear the weirdest thing overheard in MC so far?? 

“I can't find my way home so I'm going to kill myself by walking into some cactus.” We’ve all been there.  

Next week we will be enjoying Minecraft from 2-3pm in line with local schools closing at 130pm as it is the end of term

7Remember, Minecraft Club continues in the holidays at the usual time 4-5pm on Fridays. See you there, Crafters!-    29-March-2019 

Helen’s First Post!  22-March-2019

Many thanks to Fraser, for coming up with the name of the Minecraft Club blog! Fraser is the Minecraft Muse.. he thinks, talks and breathes Minecraft and is the inspiration behind the Club, which was started as an opportunity for block-minded kids to get together and share the joy of Crafting in a safe space that was bigger than my living room. It’s also a crafty (geddit?) opportunity for adults to learn Minecraft and internet safety and savvy as well! It also makes what can be an isolating experience (gaming) into a positive, social one, one where kids sometimes even tear their eyes away from the screen! ..constructive, bit like the game itself!


This week in MC we welcomed back an old Crafter who had been put off previously by the lack of girl Crafters.. however this week we had a grand total of two ‘Alexes’ who have been playing with 8 ‘Steves!’  We soon ran out of devices as not everyone comes along with a device and we only have 2 devices that belong to the club* – thank you to The Viking – that’s our man in IT, and my good self, Mumcraft, for those. So some of us had to “resort” to building and battling Minecraft Lego and using Minecraft art books to practice our (not too shabby) art skills. Oh and good old fashioned Turn Taking! The King helped a new MCer  when they needed help, and our youngest member also helped the new MCer get out of a hole (literally). Love the teamwork! When these Miners aren’t killing zombies, they’re actually quite helpful! Mind you, killing zombies is quite helpful too….


*That in no way was a cheeky way to seek donations (*cough*)

Friern Barnet Community Library

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